Dj Layla & Alissa cuceresc Rusia cu “Single Lady”

Proiectul de succes al producatorului Radu Sirbu – DJ Layla – cucereste Rusia! Piesa de debut, care este in colaborare cu o tinara voce Alissa, urca rapid in topurile muzicale iar cele doua frumoase blonde – Layla si Alissa – au ajuns in scurt timp sa imparta succesul primului lor single « Single Lady ».
O voce superba, o dj-ita talentata, un producator muzical pe masura, o piesa foarte buna si multa munca au reprezentat ingredientele necesare hitului «Single Lady».
Piesa a fost lansata la sfarsitul anului 2008 si a urcat rapid in topurile celor mai mari radiouri din Romania si Moldova. Urmatorul pas a venit in mod firesc: filmarea unui videoclip pe masura succesului piesei. Videoclipul, in regia lui Iulian Moga, poate fi urmarit pe toate posturile TV muzicale.
De curand, piesa inregistreaza un succes extraordinar si in strainatate, fiind licentiata in tari precum Polonia, Bulgaria si Comunitatea Statelor Independente – Estonia, Letonia, Ucraina, Belarus, Kazahstan etc.
In Rusia « Single Lady » a debutat direct pe locul 2 la unul dintre cele mai mari posturi radio DFM. Single-ul se afla si in topurile radio din Grecia, Albania si Cehia si in curand va putea fi ascultata si in tari precum Germania, Austria si Suedia.


  1. Pravin

    689 days ago

    Hey Lori~I really want to read your book I am going to check out the Kindle vireson. I am very, very interested in the story that you have to tell. I think it is great that you have shared it! My first year in the Air Force was spent at the language institute in Monterey, CA where I was taught Farsi by native Iranians (and I know the proper pronunciation of that word!). They were all gorgeous people. They were mostly from very rich families because it cost so much for them to escape the years previous. They talked of suicide pacts if any of the wives or daughters would be shamed along the way. I could not imagine.I wish that year could have been better spent for me there but I was a young, undiagnosed bipolar and I ended up with 1 suicide attempt and a stint in alcohol rehab at age 21. It interrupted my studies and I never ended up doing the job as a translator =( Damn mental disorders.Your student, Layla, was beautiful. That is so sad about her death. Those women are so repressed I guess you felt that yourself over there.Thanks for sharing your 9/11 tribute.