Dee Dee is a beautiful, young lady, well-known for her appearances in the famous television show “Megastar” (2007), where she managed to melt the hearts of Romanian viewers by her generous voice. This is the reason she was requested by the producer Radu Sirbu.
She is a 2nd year student at the Academy of Economic Studies. Her first love remains music.
Dee Dee is also attracted to nature, to life itself. She’s sensitive and caring for all the people around her. Traveling, taking long walks and watching good movies are another ways of relaxing and reminding her of all the beauty in the world. But only music soothes her anxieties and help her go through another stressful day.
In 2009 by initiative of her musical producer Radu Sirbu she become the voice of very famous project Dj Layla and recorded her first single for Dj Layla’s project, named “City Of Sleeping Hearts”. She considers that her involvement in Dj Layla’s project is a great opportunity to do what she’s always dreamed of, and that is music. Besides her family and close friends, it’s what she’s living for. Click here to find out more music…