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  1. brayham

    2191 days ago

    I’m your fan number one from mexico and I like all your song.

    My email I did it in remembrance of you when I was 18 now I have 21 years you are an idol for me.

    Thanks for the wonderful music you do.

  2. zareen hussain

    1636 days ago

    g0od website.. best ph0to album.. and amazing music.. <3 a perfect match infact.. :) all the best.. :)

  3. Maddie jay

    1618 days ago

    Dear radu sirbu \ picasso, your a great mucsian, and every song you sing you sing perfectley let me just say i love your music and everything about you!! I am obsessed with ur music!!! Id love to go to romania and see you sing!!! I am a huge fan i know you probably get a lot of this but i would be honered if you took the time to read this! Its been a short time ive been listening to your music and a lot more to discover but it has been a wonderful expirence through each of your wonderful songs! I am probably your number 1 fan! Your so inspiring and you really have a true talent that has to be heard and im sure so many people think that too
    Sincerley, maddy

  4. Maddie jay

    1572 days ago

    Again i write another letter about how beautiful your music is, how great you are and what a great person you are. Honestley you radu are amazing! Your music, your everything. YOU ARE AWESOME. Sorry i cant express it enough! My dream has been to meet you. Yea ozone is great but u are the one who stands out to me! I know how to speak a bit of romanian because of your music. You are MY INSPARARATION AND LIFE. Radu, i am in love with you and ur music!

  5. Danielle

    1568 days ago

    Hi Radu! :)
    Just went here to send you some love all the way from the Philippines. ♥

  6. Aldair

    1545 days ago

    Radu I love you music and the music of Ozone :) I remember when i was 4-6 years old (now 14) I liked a lot listening to the song, Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei), my aunt showed me who lives in Mexico and I liked it! Now I like the songs, WAPA-pa and Party Boy. from your guy fan of the U.S. TTYL :)

    RadU me gusta mucho la música de vos y también la música de Ozone:) Me acuerdo que antes cuando tenía 4-6 años (ahora tengo 14) gustaba muchísimo escuchar la canción, Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei), me la enseño mi tía que vive en México ¡e inmediata mente me gusto! Ahora me gustan las canciones de vos que son, Wapa-pa y Party Boy. De un fan chico de vos de los EE.UU. Adiós :)

  7. sai

    1301 days ago

    Dear RadU, I’m your fan from China. Several years ago when the old official forum existed, I could know the news of you, but as the forum closed we Chinese fans lost the info of you. I still remember many lovely friends from all over the world. RadU, your talent and great voice move me a lot. love you all the time.


  8. Eric

    1297 days ago


    Tu trouve ça comique d’envoyer dans les livres d’or des autres le lien de ton site…….

    Pauv type.

  9. Jen

    1281 days ago

    Refreshing…you’re are truly an artist. Aloha, and Mahalo to YouTube for bringing your music across the seas.

  10. Angela Malancă

    992 days ago

    Ce frumos! Nu stiam despre existenta site-ului!

  11. Johnd287

    949 days ago

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  12. Ramazan Recber

    929 days ago

    This website very beautiful…

  13. yasashi

    867 days ago

    welcome, i wish you happy birthday

    I love your songs and still songs of o-zone band you were the best together..

    best regards from Poland :)

  14. Luka

    707 days ago

    I’m Your fan:-) I think Your are a great person and You sing very nice music.
    I wish You all the best:-)
    Luka from Poland

  15. Harwinder

    512 days ago

    Thank you to everyone at the Biddestone Arms for manikg our wedding reception perfect.The food was magnificent, people are still raving about the roast beef! The pub looked gorgeous as always and the staff were as friendly and helpful as possible.We had an amazing day and cannot thank you enough.We will be back very soon!

  16. Oka

    512 days ago

    Thank you so much for the pledge to our cheer squad to taervl to Orlando this winter. Living in Alaska makes it very difficult to taervl outside as it is very expensive. Your pledge will help some of our girls leave the state for the first time! We are proud to be invited to the Champs Bowl game to perform at halftime and with your help it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience! thank you again for your generosity! Service High School Cheer

  17. Rachel

    475 days ago

    I love your song Ia Inima Mea. It’s awesome, the lyrics, beat, and everything. I don’t know Romanian yet, as I speak English, but the language is beautiful. Plus, all of your songs that you did with your old band, O-Zone, are really awesome. I really like Dragostea Din Tea. Really cool. I prefer the Romanian version of your songs. If you are ever getting back with the ban, please let us know. Thanks, and good luck and congrats with your music.

  18. Alda

    330 days ago

    Hello from Brasil! I like very much your songs since when O Zone. Sucess for you!

  19. Jenette Batistich

    316 days ago

    of things, thus I am going to let know her.

  20. One Big Fan

    83 days ago

    Hi! When i was 8, i listened a lot O-Zone. Now, i listen to your songs evryday and i hope that one day you will get back with Arsenie and Dan. I love your songs!!! :)
    P.S. my e-mail:

  21. Ping

    79 days ago

    Greetings, Radu! There’s another Chinese fan here. I’m Yiping Peng. Plz just call me Ping. I first lisened your song is DDT, in an oline game during studying in my high school. Even though I dont know the lyric, the melody moved me so much. Now I still have many songs of O-zone and you. We Chinese fans really want you or your team have a concert in,China. Thx.

    Best regards