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  1. Alexandra

    2699 days ago

    I like it a lot!

  2. Elle

    2699 days ago

    Is there ANYTHING that Radu CAN’T do??!! He is just an amazing talent!! Romania has a TRUE STAR in Radu and I know they appreciate what he does. Excellent job Radu!!

    Much Love,


  3. Yeah Hoss

    2698 days ago

    cool song

  4. Stamatis

    2697 days ago

    Great remix Radu!! You are awesome! I hope one day will visit Greece to see you…I’m wishing you always good luck…and keep going to join us with your music…

  5. helena

    2691 days ago

    a great album,took lot of headeach to get it
    but i have it:).)

  6. Libelulița

    2689 days ago

    This is all so inspirational to me, to start recording my own music! :D The new site is foarte frumos; good job!

  7. Sammy

    2689 days ago

    I love your song “Single Lady”.
    I just heard today and it is my favorite and I would cry of happiness if you responded to this! =)

  8. JY

    2686 days ago

    i love your music boy :)

  9. Sammy

    2686 days ago

    Your music is amazing- every song has a different beat and they’re unique in their own way!
    Thank you for never giving up! =)

  10. Radu Sirbu

    2686 days ago

    I’m happy you like it!!! Coming up more fresh staff!!! :) Stay tuned!

  11. Sammy

    2684 days ago

    Thank you for replying! Most music artists say they love their fans, but you actually respond to them! That means something! ;)

  12. Yeah Hoss

    2684 days ago

    i love wild rose.


    2680 days ago

    [...] Contact WILD ROSE PROJECT BY RADU SIRBU [...]

  14. adriana

    2674 days ago

    buna ma bucur ca un artist k tine face muzika k lumea salutari din anglia


    2674 days ago

    Please,tell me:
    When you write new song with Shahzoda?
    What’s name this song?

  16. miguel angel

    2662 days ago

    bun muzica

  17. miguel angel

    2661 days ago

    alo di Tu este 1 persoana foarte semnificativ pentu mea sale

    muzica este bun eu sunt de latinoameri bogota si daca ar pueta

    respuns acest scrisoare ma apel miguel va calatori pentru

    romania in de 20 ani aten miguel ca l marge bine

  18. Stamatis

    2652 days ago

    all your songs you write & compose are really fantastic..
    ..and this one of course which it’s my fav! Well done Radu..

  19. alexis

    2649 days ago

    hi my name is alexis
    Radu Sirbu i want buy your new cd but i am from mexico and here not sales yours cd what i can be ?? please

  20. Alexandra

    2648 days ago

    Hey Radu!!

    I love your Wild Rose project!!!! It’s FABULOUS!!!!


  21. Sabi

    2645 days ago

    I love this unplugged version! :)

  22. bob

    2643 days ago

    good luck

  23. Dmitry

    2641 days ago

    Очень понравилось всё, Огромное спасибо. Буду наблюдать обновления. Супер

  24. Samantha-louise

    2637 days ago

    Hey, Omg radu Your projects are getting Better and Better :)

    This new “wild rose project” is amazing :) i love your voice and the womens
    voice is exceptional :)

    Carry on the good work :)

    Love samantha-louise

    XOXO United kingdom <3

  25. Ella

    2634 days ago

    Foarte mult imi place piesa Dont Cry, o ascult mereu in peste tot unde merg. Bravo Radu.

  26. Patrizier 4 Test

    2624 days ago

    thanks, for this article. I found it through google and i found it very interesting. i will look for more interesting articles at this blog. :)

  27. Marina

    2591 days ago



    2583 days ago

    Succes la cat mai multe melodii…

  29. 24monden

    2583 days ago

    Big Girl…foarte tare melodia

  30. Stamatis

    2574 days ago

    you are very talented man Radu…i’ll definitely buy the cd of always have my support from Greece…
    Wishing you always the best!!

  31. Лена

    2536 days ago

    Я тоже буду ждать полной версии.Обожаю творчество Раду Сирбу.

  32. elcia

    2530 days ago

    Radu twój projekt jest najlepszy słucham tych piosenek są cudowne !!!! jesteś the best pozdrowienia

  33. Sid

    2489 days ago

    Hey Radu!
    I just love all the songs by you and DJ Layla! Specially Single ladies and Lambada Nights….It would be nice if you could also come up with a slightly faster tempo remixes of these 2 songs. What I appreciate about your songs is that they have the perfect amount of voice and music…it’s not too trancey….but perfect!
    I was not aware about the other projects by you…it will take quite some to explore!
    Cheers, from India!

  34. Dj teck

    2481 days ago

    Great track.. looking forward to tring this out in the club!!

  35. sai

    2468 days ago

    hi radu, i’m sai. your chinese fan. several years ago when your english official forum existed, i used to come and post on the forum. but at last it closed and i missed you so much. hope to learn more news about you, listen more songs. not only composed by radu, but also sung by yourself. i love your voice, radu.

  36. sharon

    2393 days ago

    Hey Radu
    Im glad to see you back
    i wish we will hear some new music from YOU.
    i can waid
    Love Sharon (Israel)

  37. sharon

    2393 days ago

    Hey Radu
    Im glad to see you back
    i wish we will hear some new music from YOU.
    i can’t wait
    Love Sharon (Israel)

  38. Alexandra

    2392 days ago

    Hey Radu!
    Your new site is incredible!
    As always, I am looking forward to your new awesome tunes
    and will always be here for you ;-D
    Alexandra (IN, USA)

  39. Radu Sirbu

    2392 days ago

    I’m very happy that you like it! Stay close and you will find fresh tunes will come soon!

  40. Karly Iskakova

    2391 days ago

    Hello, Radu!
    Wish you a lot of success and joy!

    Beautiful website, good work!

    Be HAPPY!!!!!!

  41. ciocârlie

    2391 days ago

    Îmi place Radu Sirbu pe lângă lol canta frumos mega bun super te iubesc Radu Sirbu jejejejejeje am aproape toate albumele si mi-a placut cel mai mult este faptul că de Mr & Ms iubesc poze cu Radu Sirbu este foarte interesant şi pagina dvs. Îmi place că există videoclipuri prea şi că ma pus heee fost de gândire despre muzică şcoala dumneavoastră şi faima de a dansa jejejeje România

  42. aDrIaNa

    2391 days ago

    HELLO HELLO … how are you ????… congratulate good for nothing else .. wow … I tell you I love your site is amazing … I love your music … As always, I hope your awesome new songs
    and always be here for you … Sorry if I was not very understand … is that I speak not very English only Spanish but well have to make an attempt not??
    Greetings …. from mexico … I wish you great success…
    hermoso sitio web…muy buen trabajo…te adoro jeje…:)mis mEjoReS DeSEoS PARA tI DeSdE MexICo….suerte!!!!

  43. aDrIaNa

    2391 days ago

    muchos saludos desde MEXICO….ERES LO MEJOR…

  44. veronika

    2388 days ago

    Здравствуйте Раду Сырбу. Мне очень нравятся песни в вашем исполнении. Ксожалению я не могу прочесть то что написано на вашем сайте. Но мне хотелось бы вам сказать, что очень хочется слышать побольше песен в вашем исполнении.

  45. AdRiANa

    2383 days ago


  46. Victoria

    2381 days ago

    Hi, Radu. I really like your music and songs. Wow that is such a singer like you) Say you have a page on the touch?

  47. AdRiANa

    2379 days ago

    HeY…RaDu ME ENcAnTo tU NuEvO SiNgLe… wOw!!! gG
    saLuDoS DE MeXiCoo

  48. AdRiANa

    2374 days ago

    rAdU SAlUdOs deSde mExIcOO.. M EnCaNtA TuS MiXeSs Wow… ERes gEnIaL.. deJa uN mEnSAjE No???

  49. Mayk

    2373 days ago

    Não existe algo nesse mundo que consiga ser mais perfeito que vc Radu ♥

  50. Anika

    2371 days ago

    Hello Radu,

    love your music and your projects with DJ Layla, Dee-Dee and Sianna. Great beats, wonderful voices and a lot of power.

    Nice Greetz from Germany